Bangkok Airways launches “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2020” The 6 running races at 6 boutique destinations across Thailand

Bangkok / 21 February 2020 – Recently, Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited led by Mr.Varong Israsena Na Ayudhya, Vice President – Marketing together (4th from left) with Mr. Prachya Limsuwat, Manager -Asatsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (4th from right) organized press conference for the launch of the 4th edition “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2020”, an annual running event series by Bangkok Airways. The press conference was held at Central Court, Central World in Bangkok.


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Mr.Varong Israsena Na Ayudhya, Bangkok Airways’ Vice President for Marketing said “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2020” is organized with an aim to promote sport tourism in first and second tier cities in our route network. It is the 4th edition of the running event series by Bangkok Airways thanks to positive feedback we received for the past 3 years with 67,000 runners attended the race. This year, we target to welcome 37,000 participants at 6 running races in Krabi, Koh Samui, Lampang, Phang Nga, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. The newest running destination this year is Phang Nga for “Phang Nga Half Marathon” and it is the first time for Bangkok Airways to organize marathon event in the province. We believe that participants will enjoy Phang Nga’s beautiful scenery through unique running race specially designed by Asatsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a running event expert, who help us provide best possible running experience with uniqueness that incorporates Bangkok Airways’ Boutique standpoint. Apart from unique running race in Phang Nga, runners will also have a chance to visit famous attractions such as Khao Tapu, Khao Lak, Samed Nang Chee, Takuapa Old Town”.


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“In addition, we work with Painterbell (Seatapron Korwanichakul), Thai famous graphic designer behind the well-known cartoon character “John Lulu and Friends”, who will be designing a special collection just for “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2020” by using highlights from each province to create themes. The designs will be featured on the boutique series’ shirts, medals, trophies and souvenirs for participants to collect on all 6 marathons throughout 2020” added Mr.Varong.


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Mr. Prachya Limsuwat, Manager – Asatsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. commented “We are pleased to work with Bangkok Airways to organize “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series” in 2020. We specially designed this year’s running event for participants to enjoy running, eating and traveling with Bangkok Airways which you could find program information available at fanpage Bangkok Airways.Run. In addition, we have new running destination this year in Phang Nga as we design running race for participants to experience natural beauty along the route at Khao Lampi National Park – Hat Thai Mueng, one of the most famous and preserved beaches in Phang Nga where leatherback sea turtles still naturally hatch here. Apart from Phang Nga, we designed new running route for Koh Samui and Chiang Mai. Koh Samui is known as the Coconuts Island, runners will get opportunity to experience a unique local of Koh Samui.


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For Chiang Mai, runners will enjoy beautiful natural another part of running routes not far from the city. For running routes in Krabi, Lampang and Chiang Rai will remain the unique charms of each destination. In Krabi, runners will get local and experience early morning life through the running route in the city as well as enjoy scenic beauty of the nature along the ocean. Lampang running route will also be in the city where you can enjoy traditional Lanna way-of-life along Wang river. In Chiang Rai, runners will enjoy beautiful Kok river and important ancient sites along the route. We are certain that participants will gain memorable experience of the different charms each destination has to offer”


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“Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2020” will consist of 6 running races in 6 different destinations throughout Thailand which will take place from May – October 2020. First to kick off is “Krabi Half Marathon” in Krabi on 10 May 2020, “Samui Half Marathon” in Koh Samui, Surat Thani will be on 21 June 2020, “Lampang Half Marathon” in Lampang on 12 July 2020, “Phang Nga Half Marathon” in Phang Nga on 2 August 2020, “Chiang Rai Marathon” in Chiang Rai will be on 13 September 2020 and “Lanna Half Marathon” in Chiang Mai will be on 11 October 2020. “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2020” will divide into 3 categories, fun run of 5 kilometers, mini marathon of 10 kilometers and half marathon of 21 kilometers.


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One of the highlights in this program is “Care the Bear: Change the Climate Change by Eco Event” campaign, a partnership project between Bangkok Airways and The Stock Exchange of Thailand, which aims to reduce carbon emission from organizing events. Bangkok Airways puts the initiative forward at the “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2020” by executing eco-friendly event such as promoting waste segregation, reducing the use of plastic and foam, encouraging participants to bring bottles to refill water, and promoting the re-use of event decorations.


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For those interested to participate in “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2020”, Bangkok Airways offers free application fee when purchasing Bangkok Airways ticket to any running destination via designated registration channels. First 1,000 people to buy Bangkok Airways ticket to participate in any of the running race between 20-29 February 2020 will receive a limited-edition T-shirt valued 1,000 baht for free (after 29 February 2020, participants will need to buy 2 tickets to receive the      T-shirt). You can also receive a special-designed medal hanging stand from Bangkok Airways when registering for all 6 races. In addition, Bangkok Airways offers package tour that includes air ticket, accommodation, running BIB, and also one-day tour.


For more information and application, please visit or visit Airways.Run for more updates.