GS Battery launches “GS PROMPT 1380” – battery replacement service through call center

GS แบตพลังอึด  เปิดตัวคอลเซ็นเตอร์ แบตเตอรี่ หมด กด 1380 GS PROMPT (พร้อม)  บริการ-เปลี่ยนแบตเตอรี่ ผ่านระบบคอลเซ็นเตอร์

GS Battery is revolutionizing the automotive battery industry by launching GS PROMPT 1380 service throughout Thailand to provide battery replacement service in case of emergency through call center. The company joins hands with its business partner to provide the service that meet the needs of car users across the country while continuously developing its technology to provide high-quality products and services. 

ในภาพอาจจะมี 2 คน, ผู้คนกำลังนั่ง

Mr.Prakasit Phornprapha, President of Siam GS Sales Co., Ltd., the distributor of GS Battery, said that “GS PROMPT 1380 is the latest service from GS Battery to meet the needs of every car user who may have emergency problems while driving on the road especially from automotive batteries. As the market leader of automotive batteries in Thailand, GS Battery has never stopped developing its services to better meet the needs of car users. This time, we have elevated our service to the next level by launching GS PROMPT 1380 service through call center. Our staff will ask basic information such as car model, battery model and delivery location or location where the car broke down then notify the customer about the problem details. After that, we will send a team of GS PROMPT 1380 well-trained and skillful technicians, who are scattered throughout the country, to provide battery replacement service to all kinds of vehicles, whether it be general car or premium car, within 30 minutes. 

ในภาพอาจจะมี 8 คน, ผู้คนกำลังยืน

This is why we are the leader in providing emergency services to car users when their cars fail to start. No matter where you are, GS PROMPT 1380 will be your friend on every route and will take care of you until you are safe and your cars continue to work normally. Our system will filter the information from the call center to select GS PROMPT 1380 team members who are closest to your car to provide the fastest service at standard prices throughout the country. As for the distributor partners participating in GS PROMPT 1380 service, this is sure to be a good opportunity to increase their distribution channels.”

ในภาพอาจจะมี 2 คน, คนที่ยิ้ม, ผู้คนกำลังยืน และ ชุดสูท

GS PROMPT 1380 service is available everyday from 08: 00-19: 00 hrs. in 50 provinces nationwide**. For more information and activities of GS Battery, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram (gsbatterythailand) and visit our website ( 

(**Please check service areas**)