MASON invites staff to seed coral in Koh Kham Underwater Park in KIND OF OUR SEA” initiative promoting conservation of coral reefs and rehabilitation of ocean ecosystems

August,2022, MASON invited staff and personnel to take part in a coral seeding activity at Koh Kham Underwater Park in Sattahip district of Chonburi province. A maritime conservation effort in accordance with the MASON “KIND OF OUR SEA” slogan, the activity promoted awareness towards the need to preserve coral reefs, care for the environment and efforts to rehabilitate ocean ecosystems.

Coral reefs are a vastly important part of the marine ecosystem as they dampen waves that would otherwise erode shorelines and serve as a habitat to a wide variety of life. Climate change and the warming of seas has however led to coral bleaching and the loss of the important resource, which in turn has significantly impacted other undersea life. At present, coral reefs are in a crisis state due to human activities upsetting environmental harmony and will require an extensive amount of time to recover.

MASON is aware of these realities and staged its coral seeding activity to aid in rehabilitation of the world’s oceans so that they may once again support a vast array of life. MASON wishes to be a part of the effort toward sustainability and preservation of undersea resources such as coral reefs as has always been its objective.

Under the “KIND OF OUR SEA” slogan, MASON will continue to work to revive marine resources and ecosystems and seek to change society for a better future.