Central Phuket launches the first ‘Drive Through’ service avoiding COVID-19

Central Phuket concerns about the customer’s health that prefer to decrease communications with other people, avoid rush hours and simply, have limited time. It is our response for your comfort and time saving, without searching for the parking lots or waiting in a queue.

The customer can order products from both of central phuket with an order process.
1.CALL TO ORDER : The customer orders through Call Center Central phuket number 076-603333 notify the shop to order the product and the call center will transfer the number to the shop immediately.
If customers know the number of the shop that they ordered, customers can call the number of that shop straight away.
When the shop answers the call, the customer has to order the product amount and appointment for receiving the products.

2. DRIVE THRU : The customer will know the product pickup point.
• Festival Wing pick up at the Public House on the 1st floor
• Floresta Wing pickup at VIP parking on the 1st floor
3. PICK UP : The customer will recheck order, product, receipt and payment.
However, this service depends on the terms and conditions and operating time of each store.
Operating time for Monday to Thursday 11.00 am – 08.00 pm and Friday to Sunday 11.00 am – 10.00 pm.