Eat Like a Venetian at About Eatery

Eat Like a Venetian at About Eatery. 

“Eat, Drink, Love, Play Like a Venetian at About Eatery this February”. 

About Eatery rings in the New Year 2022 with an appreciation for all things Venice, Italy plus all that is celebrated about this ancient and romantic city. More than just tourist gondola rides and Murano glass souvenirs, Venice is known as the greatest seaport in late medieval Europe and the continent’s commercial and cultural link to Asia. This ‘City of Canals’ with it’s plethora of bridges, gondolas is built over 118 islands and is one of Europe’s most outstanding architectural wonderlands. 


Besides the charming canal scenery and stunning Renaissance landmarks like the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco, the desire for exploration, art, opera and theatre thrives here and this could be reflected through some of the greatest Venetians of all time; Adventurer and traveller Marco Polo, the master of the art of love Giacomo Girolamo Casanova and art collector Peggy Guggenheim. Moreover, who can forget the Venetians made ‘dressing up’ into all favourite pastime into a present trend with ‘Carnival’, a festival that began at the birth of the Renaissance period which evolved into adorning elaborate masks and attire in order to disguise hedonistic behaviour in Venice, or so the legend states. 


Throughout February 2022, About Eatery will be bringing diners, drinkers, lovers and thrill-seekers a taste of Venice.  Eat, Drink, Love, Play Like a Venetian at About Eatery.  


  1. Eat Like a Venetian: 

Although many may not realise, Venice and Veneto regional food and drink culture is also unique and exciting. Starting with Cicchetti, which are small bites or snacks that could range from a tiny sandwich to plates of pickled vegetables to seafood and meat atop of bread and is typically eaten during Aperitivo “drinking” time and therefore you’ll often find Cicchetti served in a bar or “bacri”. 


Then there’s Venetian cuisine. Many of Venezia’s dishes are fish-based, not surprisingly. “Sarde in saor” (Sardines in sweet and sour marinade), Mołéche (Fried Soft Shell Crab), Bigoli in salsa (pasta with anchovy sauce), “Risi e bisi” (type of risotto made with peas and pancetta), ”Lasagnette al nero di seppia” (Pasta cuttlefish ink) or Risotto al nero di seppia (Risotto with cuttlefish ink) and Mołéche (fried soft shell crab) are all what you would classically call Venetian. Then there are the desserts, but we will get to that a little later in the ‘Love’ section of this series. 

  • About Eatery will be serving up Cicchetti and Venetian Dishes for the whole month of February 2022


Eat Like a Venetian Cicchetti Highlights: 

  • Polenta & Schie | White Soft Polenta With Gray Shrimps
  • Sarde In Saor | Fried Sardines Marinated In Pickled Onions, With Pine Seeds & Raisins
  • Squid Ink Polenta, Cozze Marinara
  • Crostini Com Insalata Di Pesce | With Seafood Salad In Aurora Sauce

Eat Like a Venetian Special Dishes Highlights: 

  • Pasta E Fagioli | Red Bean Soup With Fresh Pasta
  • Bigoli Al Nero | With Squid In Their Ink
  • Tagliolini Alla Grancevola | With Spider Crab In A Mildly Spicy Tomato Sauce
  • Risotto Agli Scampi | With Scampi, Pumpkin, Scampi Bisque
  • Fegato Alla  Veneziana | Veal Liver In Onion Sauce With Grilled Polenta



  1. Drink Like a Venetian: 

What could be more iconic about Venice than the Aperol Spritz. Foodies who love their tipples should know that The iconic Aperol Spritz, originated from the Veneto region. The trendy, mildly tart and refreshing drink has become a global sensation with variations of it appearing in some beachside bars to the finest restaurants. The drink originally consists of 4 simple ingredients; prosecco, digestive bitters, soda water and ice however, the variations are truly endless.

  • Drink Like a Venetian, Venetian Spritz Special Beverage Menu at About Eatery 

Available for the whole month of February 2022.

    • The Venetian Spritz
    • Sgroppino
    • Bellini


  1. Love Like a Venetian: 

Certainly not the most virtuous icon of Love, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova aka ‘Casanova’ is nonetheless regarded as one of the greatest lovers in history and he happens to be a Venetian. In homage to this exuberant, salacious and charismatic character, About Eatery creates a Love Like a Venetian menu which highlights Venice’s most adored desserts. 

  • Love Like a Venetian – Special Dessert Menu at About Eatery

Available for the whole month of February 2022

    • Frittelle & Galani | Typical Carnival Dessert
    • Crema Rosada | In Between A Crème Caramel And A Panna Cotta
    • Tiramisu


Love Like a Venetian – Valentine’s Day Set Menu at About Eatery: 

Available on February 14th Check out our website and About Eatery FB/IG for updates.



  1. Play Like a Venetian

Masquerade Carnival Dinner at About Eatery! – Themed private dinner at About Eatery  


As Eat, Drink, Love, Play Like a Venetian and the global Carnival festivities is about to come to a close, About Eatery will celebrate in style and that’s with a Masquerade Carnival Dinner Party. Expect Venetian; masks, decoration and performers. Guests may arrive in Carnival dress and enjoy Venetian food, drink and the feeling of love all combined into one, because Carnival is all about play time! Pre bookings only and tickets will be limited. 


Date: Monday 28th February 2022


  • 6.30 pm Welcome Drink
  • 7.00 pm Dinner Seating


Set Menu: Check out our website and About Eatery FB/IG for updates. 


  • 3500 THB ++
  • Wine Pairing 1500 THB ++ (Veneto Region Wine)


Includes: Dinner, Welcome Drink Aperol Spritz & Venetian Carnival Mask for each guest, plus Live Performances.