MONDRIAN HONG KONG premieres The Corner Shop, a street-level space adjacent to the hotel in the beating heart of Tsim Tsa Tsui that launches with an exhibition of ‘THE FRENCH GIRL’ Caroline Tronel’s iconic ‘Giant Crushed Cans’ installation.

The  Corner Shop by name and design, this wedge-shaped space has been dedicated to the art of the possible and perfecting the pop-up. It has become the quintessential cornerstone of modern pop culture, being part of everyday life serving a universal, relatable need and representing a place where the everyday and the extraordinary converge. Expect guerilla art, curated cool, cultural happenings and the unexpected.

Tronel’s “Giant Crushed Cans” exhibition spearheads  MONDRIAN HONG KONG’s commitment to art and culture, always inspired by people.

Tronel grew up in Paris, immersed in street art but has made her home in Hong Kong, where she shares her positive and meaningful messages through murals, installations and canvases. Her captivating artworks fuse upcycling art with sustainability. The exhibition features two pink Giant Crushed Cans alongside smaller versions, playing with a video documentary of Giant Can flowing on the beach. This installation pushes boundaries and encourages visitors to explore the intersection of art and environmental consciousness.

Tronel’s art embodies the power of creativity and individual action in reshaping our relationship with the world. The “Giant Crushed Cans” exhibition invites viewers to embrace sustainability and sparks conversations on environmental consciousness.

Her work has graced the likes of K11 MUSEA, the Hong Kong Convention Centre, the French Consul-General’s residence, Digital Art Fair Asia, Soho House and the French May Arts Festival, while collaborating with international brands including Casetify, Moleskine, Kaviari and Bon Parfumeur and being featured in a variety of international publications. A documentary featuring the series is also in production, set to be showcased at the International Movie Festival on Sustainable Development in Hong Kong in May 2024.

Besides her Crushed Cans work – a statement on consumer culture, recycling and reimagining the disposable – Tronel’s twist on the Chinese symbol of Double Happiness – the Shining Heart – can be seen around town, symbolising souls intertwined and the need for (re)connection.

MONDRIAN HONG KONG’s general manager Dirk Dalichau said he was excited by the possibilities of The Corner Shop, both as a pop-up space and as an introduction to the hotel’s ambitious vision of cultural programming that will also include a breathtaking rooftop space and other unconventional areas of the hotel.

“It’s the perfect space to start a cultural dialogue, foster local talent, connect with our people and inspire our community. It creates relevance for a hotel to become more than a space for travellers, but an environment for experiences and conversation” Dalichau says.

“I’m thrilled to kick things off with Caroline’s meaningful and edgy work, and there’ll be much more to come, from street musicians to silent DJ events, classical concerts, pop-up cocktail innovations, art installations and other experiments with light and sound.”

“Why The Corner Shop? It’s the quintessential and ubiquitous space in our culture, serving people’s needs and available at all hours. I want to tap into that combination of the relatable and the inspirational, the mundane meets the sublime.”

“Cornershops have featured in movies, songs, artworks, even inspired the name of a much loved band. It’s the perfect concept to blur reality and fantasy in contemporary art while keeping things very real.”

“And it will be an important part of showcasing MONDRIAN HONG KONG as a hotel that takes art and creativity seriously, with a progressive, forward-thinking and inclusive approach while experimenting with new perspectives on this great community and city.”

Tronel said she was excited to join forces with MONDRIAN and to launch The Corner Shop. 

“My motto is ‘spread love, not waste’ and this is part of the inspiration for my Crushed Cans work,” she says.

“Nature is my principal source of energy and protecting it is my main priority.  I’m a rock climber, a hiker and a scuba diver and I feel I’m in sync with Mondrian’s outlook. I’m blessed and grateful to be the first artist to take over  The Corner Shop.”