Opens Seaside Restaurant “SOM’S TABLE” in Khao Tao, Hua Hin. 

“Som” Jutamas Theantae

“I opened SOM’S TABLE as something more casual and comforting, with the freedom to create an exciting daily Carte Blanche, A La Carte Menus that is friendly and approachable. Here at SOM’S TABLE”

SOM’S TABLE is a carte blanche restaurant opened by “Som” Jutamas Theantae which is located on Kao Tao beach, a secluded Hua Hin beach. Although the restaurant opened softly at the end of October 2021, they are now ready to announce it to the world. 

 Chef Som discovered the historical house by the seaside and instantly fell in love with it. Shortly after, Som decided that this location would be where she would open her own restaurant, SOM’S TABLE. 

The double story 80-year-old wooden heritage house lies amidst local seaside residents’ homes and has a stunning, uninterrupted view of white cream sands and admiral blue sea waters, framed by moored fisherman boats and coconut trees. 

 The house was restored for the new restaurant in order to retain its age-old beauty but with a new, minimal and modern sophisticated style. Guests at SOM’S TABLE may enjoy drinking wine and cocktails on the front lawn facing the calming sea or admire the vibrant edible garden with seasonal herbs, flowers and vegetables which they may find integrated into the daily Carte Blanche menus.

 The menu available at SOM’S TABLE is an A La Carte, Carte Blanche Menu, meaning “according to the menu or chef”, which changes daily to weekly based on what the Chef creates and availability of fresh produce. 

 The comforting dishes are designed to bring the feeling of warm familiarity, with portions friendly for sharing, and notwithstanding the professional skill set and personal flair that Chef Som has become renowned for.

 The meals are also fitting to pair with the selections of fine wines which Chef Som curated the list herself in order to compliment the SOM’S TABLE dining experience.

Tel: +66 (0)97 287 2442
Instagram: @SOMSTABLE