Safety first! Family Mart limits customers to only 10 at a time, with an additional disinfecting hour on a daily basis

Neighborhood convenience stores are a great choice for customers who want to avoid travelling. Family Mart steps up its measures to ensure safety, in order to be a safe convenience store at all times. Guided in social distancing principles, Family Mart ensures the right distance among customers and offers touchless services, with additional measures to protect its customers and employees as per below:
●      – Limited to 10 customers at a time

●      – Adding a daily disinfecting hour at 3-4 AM for stores which are open 24 hours a day in order to disinfect the stores in addition to regular cleaning.

●      – Mini trays for placing cash and change at cashier counters. Customers can give their The1 membership number verbally or display their QR code on The1 application or LINE @FamilyMartThailand instead of pressing the numbers to collect their points. This is for a touchless shopping experience.

●      – Customers are encouraged to let more vulnerable customers such as elders, the disabled, and pregnant women pay first.

●      – Customers must wear a mask at all times while in the stores.
Family Mart’s enhanced safety and hygiene measures aim to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This might cause some inconvenience to customers, but we count on our customers to understand and cooperate, because this is for everyone’s safety, from our customers to our staff, while they are in our stores.
          In addition to these new measures, Family Mart has always been active in stopping the spread of COVID-19 in all stores nationwide. All Family Mart employees must go through temperature checks daily, wear a mask at all times while working, and wear a face shield if they are serving customers. All Family Mart stores are safe from COVID-19 and provide hand sanitizer at the entrance of all stores (inside the stores) and at cashier counters. All stores have increased cleaning frequency and alcohol-based disinfectant is used on high traffic surfaces such as ATMs, weighing scales, online top-up machines, and all areas both inside and in front of all stores. The stock areas are cleaned and disinfected, and all equipment is sanitized, including cashier counters, credit card machines, baskets and handles, condiment bottles, product shelves, freezers, and other tools. The stores request cooperation from all customers to stop the spread of COVID-19, and all customers are required to wear a mask when entering and inside the stores. They can use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance and cashier counters before handling food.
          Our customers’ and employees’ health is our priority. Family Mart is committed to being the convenience store of choice for all communities and offering safe services.