“Special for Blink fandom” True-dtac enhances the capacity of 5G/4G at Rajamangala National Stadium

Implement 5G to support the world-class concert on May 27thand 28th

True and dtac have increased their 5G/4G mobile phone signal to accommodate customers at Rajamangala National Stadium and surrounding area during the world-class concert on May 27th and 28th 2023 with over 80,000 attendees expected to join the event, implementing 5G to support True and dtac customers in order to have better experience with hi-speed internet roaming. More cell towers have also been installed with Cell on Wheel (COW) to support this mega concert.   

Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer, True Corporation Plc said that “We have designed a resilient network for every situation and continued to develop quality 5G/4G services for hi-speed internet to enhance the experience for True Move H and dtac customers when using various applications including social media, video, voice or any communications in every situation and everywhere, particularly in major events to accommodate large audiences.” 

True and dtac have designed network coverage and network utilization for mega events to support large groups by comparing on the quantity of regular usage with the expectation of usage for large events in order to bring technology with additional solutions to accommodate the venue and service quality.  

True and dtac maximize the benefits of 5G/4G roaming signal for better services in terms of network coverage and speed for data transaction, particularly for areas like sports venues and large exhibition halls such as Rajamangala National Stadium. 

Moreover, to accommodate the high number of spectators at this world-class concert at Rajamangala National Stadium that will be held in May 27thand 28th, 2023, True and dtac have added 5 measures to support 5G/4G services for customers as follows:   

  • Providing Cell on Wheel (COW) to strengthen the density points at Rajamangala National Stadium. 
  • Installing a temporary site to accommodate the arena and around the stadium. 
  • Installing Massive MIMO 64×64 to triple the efficiency for data download-upload. 
  • Setting parameters to support usage in the Rajamangala National Stadium and nearby transportation routes. 
  • Setting True and dtac team at the venue to oversee the network for 24 hours throughout the event. 

The priority of True Corporation Plc is the quality of mobile phone usage of TrueMove H and dtac brands under the Better Together concept with faster, stronger and more coverage, faster for a larger smile on your face. The company has continued to develop network and state-of-the-art technology to enhance customer experiences from using social media, watching TV series, music streaming online shopping or using various applications to accommodate all lifestyles and every digital usage format.