Utopia Corporation Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Utopia Corporation celebrates 7 year milestone with its team and business partner on 11th November 2022 at Utopia Naiharn Gallery with the red carpet theme of “007 – Tomorrow Never Dies”.

The event will be dazzled with shows and live band performances where all guests will be dressed in black tie to not only celebrate the 7th year of Utopia Corporation, but to celebrate the strength and patience of the Company surviving through the difficult times of Covid.

Utopia Corporation with its philosophy of Dare to Dream and work hard play harder is what allowed this Company and its team to continuously grow and overcome all obstacles, becoming bigger and better.

And as quoted from Mr. Hachi Yin CEO, it will be a night to remember as “Tomorrow never Dies”

For more information, contact info@utopia.co.th or visit www.utopia.co.th