VitalLife: Asia’s Leading Scientific Wellness Center, Primed to Launch in Phuket by July 2024

Phuket, Thailand – VitalLife, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the esteemed Bumrungrad International Hospital, is gearing up to inaugurate its flagship establishment in Phuket, marking a pivotal moment for scientific wellness in Asia. Having served local and international patients from 150 different countries for over two decades, VitalLife now introduces its state-of-the-art facility strategically nestled in Phuket, famously dubbed the “Pearl of Andaman,” poised to serve local residents, neighboring provinces, expatriates, and global tourists alike.

A Stride Forward in Longevity Medicine

VitalLife embarks on the pioneering journey of longevity medicine with over 20 distinguished specialists in Phuket, renowned for its natural allure and tranquility. The center’s forthcoming launch in July 2024 stands as a significant precursor to the forthcoming debut of Bumrungrad International Hospital Phuket in 2026, signifying a steadfast commitment to advancing healthcare standards and fostering enduring health and well-being throughout the region.

At the heart of VitalLife’s philosophy lies the avant-garde principle of longevity medicine, poised to revolutionize healthcare. With a diverse demographic in sight, including local residents, expatriates, and global travelers, VitalLife aims to emerge as a beacon of health innovation in Asia. This endeavor mirrors a dedication to enriching life quality and extending longevity through the fusion of cutting-edge medical science and personalized attention.

Innovative Offerings and Services

VitalLife Phuket will present a range of specialized services and products tailored to cater to individual longevity needs, including:

Biological Age Testing: Employing advanced diagnostics, this test furnishes a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s biological age, furnishing valuable insights into their overall health status and aging trajectory.

VitalLife Longevity Intervention: Crafted as a bespoke program, this intervention addresses each individual’s unique health requirements, emphasizing preventive measures, lifestyle modifications, and personalized medical interventions aimed at elongating healthspan and enriching life quality.

Ongoing Assessment: Acknowledging the dynamic nature of health, VitalLife underscores continual evaluation and adjustments to treatment plans, ensuring that each individual’s path towards longevity is vigilantly monitored, optimized, and aligned with the forefront of medical advancements.

VitalLife’s introduction in Phuket transcends the mere establishment of a wellness center; it heralds a transformative paradigm in health and longevity. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge science with personalized care, VitalLife stands poised to redefine the wellness and healthcare landscape in Asia.

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