Discover the Finest Flavors of Northern Thailand at Siam Tea Room

Bangkok, Thailand, 28 December 2022 – Siam Tea Room, the casual café and authentic Thai eatery at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, is inviting guests and local residents to savor the rich and intense flavors of northern Thailand with its appetizing new promotion.

From 1st January to 28th February 2023, “Flavors of the North” will enable diners to discover a selection of authentic dishes from the kingdom’s northern provinces, which are famous for their use of fresh herbs and vibrant spices. Seven sublime culinary creations are available, including enticing appetizers, mouth-watering main courses and a divine dessert.

The talented Thai chefs at Siam Tea Room will present a Northern Combination (price 340++) of minced pork, crispy pork skin, northern Thai sausage, omelet, mixed vegetables and chili dips, Larb Moo Khua, (price 198++)  a famous northern Thai salad of minced pork and herbs, and Gin Nuea Num Prik (price 420++),the popular local style of steamed striped beef shank with herbs and galangal chili paste

A choice of hearty yet light main courses include Khua Ho (price 280++), a mixed vegetable stew with grilled pork neck, Gang Hang Lay Moo (price 350++), a northern-style pork curry with ginger and peanuts, and Khanom Chin Nam Ngiao (price 280++), an alternative style of pork curry served with rice noodles, opera flowers, pickled lettuce and mixed herbs.

Diners can end their meal with a classic Khanom Pad Maprow On (price 119++), a delectable sweet brown sugar rice cake with young coconut.

This exclusive menu is available for lunch and dinner throughout January and February 2023.

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