dtac and True customers can now enjoy network roaming services in all 77 provinces in Thailand

dtac and True subscribers can now access network roaming services in all 77 provinces in Thailand, allowing them to enjoy even better and faster high-speed internet experiences while streaming their favorite movies, TV series, music, social media, live sessions, and much more. dtac subscribers can gain roaming on True’s 2600 MHz for 5G while True subscribers can gain roaming on dtac’s 700 MHz for both 4G and 5G services. Subscribers will also have access to even more Wi-Fi hotspots, providing an even better digital lifestyle experience.

Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer, True Corporation PLC, said, “We have optimized our spectrum portfolio to offer True Move H and dtac subscribers a superlative network experience and comprehensive coverage nationwide. Our network roaming service further enables us to deliver the best possible network experience to all our customers. We have a team of dedicated professionals in place to ensure the highest service standards and continue to enhance the network experience for our customers.”

Based on the company’s recent survey conducted in 51 provinces, customers of both dtac and True have reported improved network experiences. In particular, dtac subscribers who utilized True’s 2600 MHz 5G roaming services experienced an average of 400% faster sessions. Similarly, True subscribers who utilized dtac’s 700 MHz 4G roaming services experienced better and more stable indoor coverage, as well as improved coverage nationwide, particularly in areas where they previously encountered network issues, with an average improvement of 50% in those problem areas.

dtac subscribers, including those who have switched to 5G packages and new 5G subscribers, can seamlessly access the network roaming service on True’s 2600 MHz for 5G in service areas, without any additional costs. This benefit is automatically included in their existing 5G package, and no further sign-ups are required. When data roaming is enabled, subscribers will see ‘dtac-True’ displayed as the carrier name on their devices.
True subscribers can now enjoy data roaming on dtac’s 700 MHz for 4G and 5G. This low-band spectrum offers enhanced network experiences in both rural and urban locations, particularly high-rise buildings and condominiums. When data roaming is enabled, subscribers will see ‘True-dtac’ displayed as the carrier name on their devices.
True Corporation is a leading telecommunications-technology company with the True Move H and dtac brands, offering a superlative network with high speed, capacity, nationwide population coverage, and a complete spectrum portfolio. Its mobile plans cater to diverse lifestyle needs, ranging from voice, data and digital content services to special privileges. The company continues to improve its 5G experience with the target to expand its 5G population coverage to 98% by 2026.

Furthermore, True Corporation PLC is committed to the constant improvement of network quality and coverage across all spectrums – low-medium-high – under True Move H Universal Communication (TUC) and dtac TriNet (DTN). The company is expanding its low-band spectrum, which includes 700 MHz, 850 MHz (with NT), and 900 MHz, to cover more urban areas and improve indoor penetration in high-rise buildings. The medium spectrum, which supports both 5G and 4G services, utilizes 2600 MHz, 2300 MHz (with NT), 2100 MHz, and 1800 MHz to improve capacity in high-traffic areas. Moreover, the high-frequency spectrum of 26 MHz is utilized for more specific use cases such as industrial estates and enterprise applications.