Duu-Sanya Kunakorn, Essilor Thailand Brand Ambassador

Bangkok, 20 January 2020 – Essilor Distribution (Thailand) Co. Ltd., the world leader in the manufacture, assembly, and distribution of optical lenses from France, has announced the appointment of famed television host, Duu-Sanya Kunakorn, as Essilor’s first Thailand brand ambassador. Duu-Sanya and Essilor will work together to share important messages about vision care education with existing wearers of glasses in Thailand and also those who have vision problems but who have been resistant to wearing glasses so as they can discover the benefits of the brand through three essential steps – Correct Your Vision, Protect Your Eyes, and Enhance Clarity.

Dr. Suphachai Archiwaranguprok, General Manager Thailand, Essilor Distribution (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “Brand ambassadors play an increasingly important role today when it comes to building awareness and engaging consumers. We are thrilled to have Duu-Sanya Kunakorn on board as our Essilor brand ambassador as we share the same values when it comes to spreading knowledge and understanding about the importance of quality lenses to support optimum eye health. Duu-Sanya is a typical Essilor Progressive wearer, an active and ambitious 40+ person, getting the most out of life, and he is also a successful and much loved television host and actor, he truly is an inspiration to his generation as he is pursuing his passion for life without any constraints to his vision.”

Dr. Supachai continued, “With over 170 years of experience Essilor is the world leader in the ophthalmic industry and we will continue to push forward with innovation and technology to ensure we consistently deliver quality products and experiences for our customers. At Essilor, we believe that everyone deserves the best possible vision solution so as they can get the best out of life, every day, all lifelong. Your vision shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do, so we make it our mission to ensure our customers can do just that.”

Duu-Sanya Kunakorn, Essilor Thailand Brand Ambassador said, “Actually, I have been wearing glasses for more than half of my life. Being an Essilor brand ambassador educated me and allowed me to know more about the importance of vision care and how to enhance my vision as well as how each lens is different and each lens is made to address individual vision problems. Being an Essilor brand ambassador is easy for me as I actually wear them, I have learned about each lens and their benefits and I have also researched the technology behind the lenses so as I can pass this knowledge on to the members of the public.

My work as a partner with the Essilor team allows me to educate members of the public on the importance of regular eye check-ups for vision correction, moreover on the eye health protection from harmful rays in daily life activities. There are a number of things you can do at home to help maintain healthy vision, but by visiting your optician every 2 years or sooner, you can ensure you are wearing the correct lenses and that any problems with your vision are picked up quickly. Apart from educating all those who have vision problems and those who want to protect their eyesight for the future, I can also share Essilor’s innovation which has a proven history of developing the best possible optical products available.”, Duu-Sanya Kunakorn said.

Under the Essilor x Duu-Sanya Kunakorn partnership, Essilor will roll out an extensive out-of-home and digital campaign through various media channels featuring Duu-Sanya Kunakorn who will be highlighting Essilor’s products such as progressive lens portfolio i.e. Varilux®, and numerous lens technologies such as Blue UV Capture, Transitions®, and Crizal®. Through this partnership Essilor is furthering its commitment to helping people in Thailand accomplish more with better vision. Duu-Sanya Kunakorn’s assignment in this prestigious role is to help Essilor’s national marketing campaign “See More. Do More.” which shares the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation and celebrates decades of successful eyeglass lens research and development to improve vision. To celebrate this new brand ambassador relationship, Essilor is offering a promotion for customers who buy the lens with Blue UV Capture feature, they will get a FREE! limited edition design of glasses cleaning cloth which is limited to only 2,020 pieces so as to draw attention on the 20-20-20 vision care rule to prevent eye fatigue. The offer is valid from 20 January – 29 February 2020.

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