Savor ‘Southern Discoveries’ at Siam Tea Room

Bangkok, Thailand, 22 September 2022 – Siam Tea Room, the casual café and authentic Thai eatery at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, is inviting guests and local residents to experience the unique cuisine of southern Thailand with its appetizing new promotion.

From 1st October to 30th November 2022, diners can savor the rich flavors and heady fragrances of southern Thai cuisine, which is famous for its fresh seafood, tropical ingredients and intense use of herbs and spices. Six sublime culinary creations are available, including enticing appetizers, mouth-watering main courses and a divine dessert.

The talented Thai chefs at Siam Tea Room will present Southern-style Herbal Rice Salad with Fresh Tender Leaves, Fluffy Fish & Fermented Fish Dressing, a light, bright and vibrant dish, Southern-style Sour Soup with Fish Organs & Fresh Vegetables, which bursts with flavors and aromas, and Stir-fried Prawns with Sato, Chili, Garlic & Shrimp Paste, a sizzling wok dish that will fire up the taste buds.

Guests can also choose Stir-fried Baegu Leaves with Egg & Goong Kaew, which highlights southern Thailand’s natural native produce, and a rich, tender and indulgent Southern-style Pork Stew. Diners can end their meal with a classic Thai Coconut Pancake, a delectable sweet tropical treat.

This exclusive menu is available for lunch and dinner throughout October and November 2022, with prices starting from just THB 150++ per dish.

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