“SC Asset proudly invited celebrities to join and celebrate “THE GENTRY GENERATION” event Creating and inspiring the best in you (#UniqueAsYouAre) Reflecting a new residential lifestyle At our latest villa project, THE GENTRY Kaset-Nawamin”

On August, SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited or SC held an exclusive event under the name of “THE GENTRY GENERATION”, which aims to create, inspire and fulfill all generations #UniqueAsYouAre. Furthermore, we launched “THE GENTRY” our best selling luxury villa project and making us ranked no.1 in the luxury home segment. THE GENTRY project outstanding qualities are its prime location and perfectly designed space. The event was hosted by Mr. Natthaphong Kunakornwong, Chief Executive Officer and the Management team to welcome the honored guests which included celebrities and actors such as Blue Pongtiwat Tangwancharoen, Sonya Singha, Jay Spencer, and Supornthip Choungrangsee.

“THE GENTRY GENERATION” designed an Art space and decorated rooms with 4 exclusive partners to provide a unique experience for the guests. Our partners consisted of PAUL SMITH, LA LANTA   FINE ART, SELETTI and GIVE ME MUSEUMS and each brand reflected the identity and lifestyle of each generation. 

PAUL SMITH, a famous British fashion and lifestyle brand representing  joyfulness through their iconic bold stripes and colorful patterns which reflects the Baby Boomer generation.

LA LANTA FINE ART, a contemporary art gallery showcased the works of both famous local and international artists from the International Art Fair in New York, Basel, London, Miami, Singapore and Hong Kong. The selected art pieces displayed a mix of diversity and variety such as acrylic painting, mixed media painting, woodcut prints, ceramics, and contemporary pottery. The decoration and works of art were suited for the Gen X group, reflecting their creativity and individuality.

Established in 1964, SELETTI is an extraordinary decorative brand hailing from Italy with a long history of innovation and creative designs. This collection showcased everyday household items in Pop Art design. This fun and vibrant display reflected the unique lifestyle of the Gen Y group. 

Lastly, the Gen Z group was represented by an impressionist artist, GIVE ME MUSEUMS, well-known for her passionate flowers, meadows and mountains all in vibrant colors, and her special painting technique of emphasizing brush strokes and imperfections.

To showcase all the creative works together in this show unit, reflecting the distinctness of generations and lifestyle  by “THE GENTRY”. Representing his generation, Blue Pongtiwat Tangwancharoen, a Gen Z youngster who expresses his taste through how he decorates his place. He is delighted to see the variety and customisation in the designs to fit all ages. On the other hand, Sonya Singha who represents the Gen Y, is more free-minded about her corresponding interior and house decorations, especially those with beautiful and functional design items to fill up the place with happiness and liveliness. Jay Spencer, a representative of Gen X who is passionate in various forms of art, was excited to see the creativity of how art can harmonize all the elements in a house perfectly. Lastly, Supornthip Choungrangsee, a baby boomer who prefers the combination of heritage and modern, was impressed with the decorations of the project that can reflect every generation in one house.

The atmosphere at the event was lively and filled with numerous unique activities for guests to enjoy and experience throughout. With special treats prepared by Chef Chalee Kader, owner of 100 Mahaseth, a recipient of Bib Gourmand Awards from the Michelin Guide Thailand in 2020 and 2021. In addition, there was a fun raffle for guests to win special prizes provided by SC Asset and 4 partners of THE GENTRY.

Experience a unique lifestyle and express your identity through the luxury villas at THE GENTRY Kaset-Nawamin. Located in the prime area of Kaset-Nawamin near the expressway,  BTS Skytrain and many other facilities. This provides you with a complete lifestyle and fulfilled living experience, with just 57 villas starting from 25 – 45 million baht.

“THE GENTRY GENERATION” showroom visiting is available from

19th August – 11th September, 2022

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