Aulis Phuket opened as 15 seat chef’s table at the Iniala Beach House Hotel, and as Simon Rogan’s first restaurant in Thailand

Aulis Phuket opened in December 2023 as a 15 seat chef’s table at the beautiful Iniala Beach House Hotel, and as Simon Rogan’s first restaurant in Thailand.

Aulis is Simon’s way of inviting you behind the scenes to share insider knowledge about his philosophy, where a deep respect for nature and the wild meets cutting-edge technique, imagination and passion.

Simon Rogan’s celebrated chef’s table restaurants, Aulis, are located in Cartmel, London, Phuket, and Hong Kong, each offering a unique window into his culinary artistry.

Aulis is not just a dining venue; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of Simon Rogan’s gastronomic vision. Guests at Aulis are treated to an intimate behind-the-scenes experience where the magic of cooking unfolds right before their eyes. Each dish is meticulously finished and presented by our chefs, who share
insights into the dish’s origin, ingredients, and the inspiration behind it.

In Cartmel, Aulis serves a dual purpose. It operates as an experimental kitchen for L’Enclume, Simon Rogan’s acclaimed three Michelin-starred restaurant in The Lake District, UK.

In London and Hong Kong, Aulis stands as independent chef’s table restaurants, each embodying Simon’s culinary ethos in these vibrant cities. These locations offer an exclusive peek into the precision and creativity at the core of Simon Rogan’s cooking style.

The latest addition to this illustrious lineup is Aulis Phuket, nestled within the beautiful Iniala Beach House in Thailand.

The tasting menu at Aulis Phuket showcases native ingredients, as our chefs are working hand in hand with local farmers and growers from across Thailand and Asia. The menu can be paired with wine or non-alcoholic drinks flights, carefully chosen by our restaurant team.