Unicitrus Isolacorp’s Fun and Educational Event at Headstart International School Promotes Healthy Nutrition for Kids

Phuket, Thailand – September 15, 2023 Unicitrus Isolacorp Co., Ltd. brought smiles, laughter, and invaluable lessons about healthy nutrition to the children of **Headstart International School** in Phuket during a remarkable educational event. This event marked the beginning of a series of initiatives aimed at teaching children across Thailand the significance of a balanced diet and nutrition in a uniquely engaging and fun way.

Festilia’s commitment to health and well-being was on full display as the company introduced its line of Natural Italian juices to the enthusiastic young audience. What makes these juices extra special is that their bottles come to life as characters in the beloved educational cartoon series, **Frutamin Tales**, available on the dedicated kids’ channel, **FestiliaKids**.

The event was nothing short of magical as **Antonio Briguglio**, the General Manager of Unicitrus Isolacorp, took the stage. With infectious energy and a passion for teaching, he captivated the young minds for a thrilling 15-minute session during the school’s monthly assembly for primary classes. Antonio, alongside the Festilia mascot, **Sara**, one of the endearing characters from Frutamin Tales, delivered an exciting and informative presentation that had the children buzzing with excitement.

The session was carefully designed to blend education with entertainment, and it did not disappoint. Antonio Briguglio and Sara made sure that learning about the benefits of a healthy diet was an unforgettable experience. The event was filled with fun facts, interactive activities, and eye-opening insights into the world of nutrition.

But the highlight of the event was the unveiling of the first episode of Frutamin Tales, the educational cartoon series that’s set to become a staple in children’s homes. This captivating series features the adventures of Festilia’s animated juice bottle characters, who embark on exciting journeys to teach children about the importance of making healthy choices.

Through the magic of animation, children are introduced to the significance of vitamin C, the joys of a balanced diet, and the benefits of consuming natural, wholesome juices like those offered by Festilia. With each episode, young viewers are sure to be inspired to adopt healthy eating habits that will serve them well throughout their lives.

The success of this educational event at Headstart International School underscores Unicitrus Isolacorp’s commitment to nurturing the well-being of future generations. Festilia’s mission is to make healthy living fun and accessible, and they are doing just that through initiatives like these.

The event at Headstart International School was the first step in a journey to promote the importance of nutrition and to introduce children to the wonders of Frutamin Tales. As Unicitrus Isolacorp continues its mission to inspire healthy habits among children, we can expect more captivating events and educational opportunities for kids across Thailand.

With the magic of Festilia and the charm of Frutamin Tales, the future of healthy eating is looking brighter than ever for our young learners. Stay tuned for more adventures in nutrition, all brought to you by Unicitrus Isolacorp and their commitment to a healthier tomorrow.