VIVIN Grocery Festive Season Specials 2021

VIVIN Grocery Festive Season Specials 2021:

Local X Truffle Inspired Menu & VIVIN Grocery Gift Baskets 


“Enjoy the best of both worlds with Local Products X Italian Black Truffle

this Festive Season at VIVIN Grocery 2021”

VIVIN Grocery, a grocery which prides itself on local, artisanal, organic and natural grocery products and meals with those ingredients to match, brings a premium Italian touch to their 2021 Festive Menu with Italian Black Truffle.


After weathering some difficult years under COVID restrictions in Bangkok, VIVIN Grocery is ready to celebrate the “reopening” of Thailand with a Festive Season Specials this 2021, highlighting a Local Products x Italian Black Truffle offer which involves grocery products and complementing dishes with Italian Black Truffle! VIVIN Grocery will be offering a LocalxTruffle inspired Festive Grocery Specials & Festive A La Carte Menu for the month of December, along with a Festive Set Menu available on the 24,25th and 31st of December 2021.


Since the beginning of VIVIN Grocery days, 8 years ago, the team have integrated local products with a small selection of exceptional imports such as Thai-made Chalong Bay Rum with French Foie Gras Liver and more recently with local Thai cow cheese, the Molène Truffle 10% Italian Black Truffle, but for December 2021 diners can enjoy a full-blown Local X Truffle experience with VIVIN Grocery signature dishes and some new ones created just for this Festive Season 2021.


Asides from Truffle, their popular Christmas Chocolate Log will also be available for pre-order and NEW Local Boudin Blanc (white sausage) and Boudin Blanc Truffle 5% available as grocery specials and as every year, VIVIN Grocery items make the ideal artisanal goodies. The “VIVIN Grocery Corporate Gift & Gift Baskets’ are the perfect gift to buy single or in bulk for work colleagues, family and friends. Customers may choose from a set gift basket or customise their own according to their taste and budget! 


Last but not least, VIVIN Grocery will be highlighting a special dish for the Festive Season, The NOT-A-TOMAHAWK CÔTE DE BŒUF – “Pay for meat not more bone“, comes as a large oven-roasted Côte de bœuf 1.1 to 1.2 KG until succulent and juicy, served with 3 in-house prepared sauces; Kampot Pepper / Jus / Herb Butter and finished with roasted garlic. The meal is fit for 2-4 people and available by Pre-order only. You can also add-on foie gras as Rossini style or Truffle of course! 


Additional Festive Activities at VIVIN Grocery:

All-Thai Cheese Buffet & More at VIVIN Grocery Festive Edition with Truffle Molène and Truffle Foie Gras. See event link:



*All prices listed below are Net


VIVIN Grocery Festive Season Specials 2021:


Festive Groceries Specials

Available Month of December 2021


Boudin Blanc | 320 THB

Pack of 4 pieces (400g)


Boudin Blanc Truffle | 590 THB

Pack of 4 pieces (400g / 5% Truffle)


Italian Black Truffle Carpaccio | 990 THB (Net Weight 50g/Drained Weight 25g)

Italian Black Truffle slices in Extra Virgin Oil


Molène 10% Italian Black Truffle | 990 THB (400g)


Foie Gras Terrine 150g / 500g:

150g Roll From 690 THB Flavours: Natural/Rum/Truffle

500g Roll From 1,990 THB Flavours: Natural/Rum/Truffle


Festive Chocolate Log Slice

Slice | 180 THB

Pre- Order ( 48hrs) Full Log| 790 THB (Approx 800g/8 servings)


Iranian Caviar | from 4,500 THB (50g)




Festive A La Carte Specials

Available Month of December 2021


Entrée: Boudin Blanc Truffle | 295 THB

With Guava Purée / Mini Rocket Salad


Entrée: Bone Marrow Duo

Truffle Bone Marrow & Flambé Bone Marrow Issan Rum | 390 THB


Entrée: ¼  Molène 10% Italian Black Truffle | 550 THB

Comes with half baguette


Main: Omelette Truffle Supreme! |390 THB

With 4 Grams Truffle / 2 Gram Natural Marinated Truffle Oil, Baguette Slices / Organic Side Salad




Festive Set Menu ( 4 Course ) | 1690 THB

Optional Wine Pairing 4 Glass +800 THB


Pre-Bookings Only

Available only on 24th (Dinner) – 25th Dec (All Day) & 31st Dec (Dinner)



Entrée: Boudin Blanc Truffle

With Guava Purée / Mini Rocket Salad


Main: Tenderloin Truffle Rossini

with Sarladaise Potatoes




Duck Confit

with Truffle Mash


Cheese Plate

(includes Molène 10% Black Truffle)


Dessert: Chocolate Log Slice

Digestive shot


*Vegetarian Option (by request)


Entrée: Vegan Cheese Salad with Truffle


Main: Pasta 7 Tomato Sauce with Truffle


Cheese Plate (include molène truffle)


Dessert: Festive Chocolate Log Slice

Digestive Drink Shot



Pay for meat not more bone“


What is Côte de boeuf?  The famous Côte de boeuf is one of the ultimate sharing steaks. Cut from the rib, it offers both succulent meat and great marbling. The “on trend” tomahawk is exactly the same cut but with the rib bone left at full length.


1.1 to 1.2 kilos of oven-roasted Côte de bœuf cooked until succulently juicy, and comes with 3 sauces;  Kampot Pepper / Jus / Herb Butter. The dish is fit for 2-4 people and available by Pre-order only. You can also add on Truffle for an extra price of course!   – 2,600 Net 



VIVIN Grocery Corporate Gift & Gift Baskets


“For Work, Family or Friends, Get VIVIN Grocery Artisanal Goodies Gift Baskets at Fixed Price Sets or Customise to your Taste and Budget.”


  • Rattan Box ( Box ) RECOMMENDED SET PRICE – 1000 THB
  • Artisanal goodies presented in a woven rattan box and wrapped in cellophane and bow.
  • Bouquet Basket ( Open Basket ) RECOMMENDED SET PRICE – 2000 THB
  • Artisanal goodies presented in a woven cane bouquet and wrapped in cellophane and bow.
  • Premium Hamper Basket ( Closed Woven Basket )
  • Handwoven cane basket from artisan from the North of Thailand; Thai silk lining customised colour and branded VIVIN Grocery.
  • 600 THB per basket / 1 x FREE if spending more than 4000 THB



*All prices listed are Net