A Pie for Every Occasion: The Magic of Homemade Aussie Pies
Thailand’s top pastry chefs share their secret Aussie Beef Pie recipes

Roll out the dough, mix in the filling, and bask in the aroma of freshly baked pie wafting through your kitchen. Baking a pie at home is more than just a delicious treat, it’s a way to bring loved ones together and create lasting memories. Making a pie from scratch is a fun, and rewarding experience, and nothing beats a classic homemade Aussie beef pie, complete with golden-brown flaky pastry and a deliciously rich filling. The Australian beef pie is a beloved classic for a reason – one bite, and you’ll be hooked.

And now, the secret to perfecting this dish is finally yours! Aussie Beef & Lamb Thailand has uncovered top-secret beef pie recipes from renowned pastry chefs in Thailand, just for beef and pie aficionados like you. With easy-to-find ingredients at your supermarket and a few simple steps, you’ll be able to easily create mouth-watering beef pies right in your own kitchen. So, grab your apron and let’s get baking – this is going to be one delicious ride!

If you’re worried about the difficulty in making puff pastry, don’t worry – it is readily available at most supermarkets. Instead, focus on using Aussie Beef to create the perfect pie filling using premium ingredients with recipes from top chefs. Follow the recipes, use the right ingredients and scrumptious pies are guaranteed.

Get ready to indulge in a world of flavour with these four easy pie recipes. Each mouth-watering pie is nutritious and packed with flavours.

Aussie Mince Beef and Guinness Aussie Beef
No pie list is complete without the timeless classic – the Aussie Beef Pie. This simple yet delectable dish is the perfect choice when you’re craving something satisfying and flavourful. And who better to bring us this authentic Aussie recipe than Chef Michael James Handley,owner and chef of Tinnies Gourmet Pie Café. This savoury treat is bursting with juicy chunks of Australian beef mince, making every bite a tantalising experience. Trust us, one pie won’t be enough – you’ll want to go back for seconds!

Ingredients (for 10 individual servings)
Onion, finely chopped, 50g
Australian Beef chuck mince, 500g
Cooking oil, 1 tbs
Beef stock, 2 cubes
Water, 3/4 cup
Salt and pepper to taste
Plain flour, 3 tbs
Shortcrust pastry, 10 sheets
Puff pastry, 10 sheets
For the glaze – 2 eggs

Step 1: Cook onion and Aussie beef mince in cooking oil until well browned. Season to taste and add beef stock and water.
Step 2: Bring to a boil. Add plain flour, and simmer for 15 minutes until the meat mixture thickens. Set aside to cool.
Step 3: Line the pie tins with shortcrust pastry. Then spoon in the meat mixture and top with puff pastry sheet. Press down to seal the edges, trim, and glaze with egg.
Step 4: Bake at 195C for 20 minutes until golden.

Shabu Aussie Beef & Melt Cheese
If you’re craving a cheesy hand pie, look no further than the Shabu Australian Beef Melt Cheese Pie! This mouth-watering creation comes from the talented Chef Natty-Napavadee Payackso, owner and chef at CHA’Sant. She has crafted a filling with a robust savoury flavour with a hint of sweetness and a burst of umami from soy sauce and dashi. Bringing it all together is the cheesy goodness of cheddar and mozzarella. And let’s not forget the star of the show, the tender, melt-in-your-mouth Australian beef chuck. Trust us, these hand pies are sure to hit the spot!

Ingredients (for 2 servings)
• Cooking oil, 1 tbsp
• Finely chopped onion, 1
• Australian beef chuck, 50 g
• Shabu sauce, 3 tbs
• Shredded mozzarella cheese, 50g
• Shredded cheddar cheese, 20 g
• Frozen puff pastry cups or tart shell (Aro), 1 pack
• Puff pastry, 1 sheet

Step 1: Add cooking oil to the pan and cook Aussie beef and onions until meat is well browned. Add shabu sauce to taste.
Step 2: Meanwhile, place the frozen puff pastry sheet on the bench to soften.
Step 3: Using a knife, cut out circles to top the pies.
Step 4: Place approximately 20-25g of cooked shabu Aussie beef into each pie base/cup. Top with a sprinkle of cheese and cover with puff pastry circles. Spray lightly with olive oil. Bake at 180C for 20 minutes until golden.

Green Curry Aussie Beef Pie
This Thai fusion Green Curry Aussie Beef Pie is a new classic. Created by Chef Chao-Tawjan Catherine Punyasing, owner and chef of Bite Me Softly restaurant, this fusion of Thai and Australian cuisines features a filling made from Thai green curry paste and high-quality Australian beef. A must-try for anyone seeking a new and exciting culinary experience, this pie is a perfect blend of spices and tender meat, creating a flavour profile that is both well-balanced and satisfying. Don’t settle for just any pie – take a taste adventure with this unique dish that is sure to leave you craving more.

Ingredients (for one 8-inch pie / 750 g)
Mushrooms (champignon, shiitake, or king Oyster)
Australian Angus Oyster Blade, 600 g
Green brinjal, 120 g
Green curry paste, 170 g
Coconut milk, 250 g
Whipping cream, 200 g
Onion, 1
Coconut sugar, 75 g
Sour cream, 1 cup
Fish sauce, 3 tbsp
Red spur chilli pepper, 1
Kaffir lime leaves, 2 (Chiffonade)
Sweet basil, 20 g
Ground fennel, 1/8 tsp
Wheat flour, 2 tbsp
Egg, 1
Milk or cream, 1 tbsp (for the glaze)
Salt, 5-10 g (to taste)

Step 1: Stir-fry finely diced onions with a bit of oil or butter until golden or brown.
Step 2: Add mushrooms to the onions, occasionally stirring until cooked. Add green curry paste, ground fennel, and flour and stir until all is well combined and the curry paste is fragrant.
Step 3: Add all the seasonings, followed by all the liquids – whipping cream, sour cream and coconut milk – and stir to combine.
Step 4: Add oyster blade beef and cook until the beef is tender. After that add the rest of the vegetables and cook until aromatic.
Step 5: Put the meat filling in the puff pastry shell and top the pie with a puff pastry lid. Press down to seal the edges and trim.
Step 6: Glaze with egg mixture – whole beaten egg mixed with milk or cream and salt. Brush this glaze over the pastry before baking. Bake at 190C for 25-30 minutes until golden.

Massaman Aussie Beef Pie
Discover a flavour pairing like no other with this Aussie hand pie. The combination of tender Australian chuck and Massaman curry paste is expertly showcased by Chef Gun-Patinya Srithong, Sous Chef at CRAFT, Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok, a seasoned fusion cuisine professional. The interplay between the Massaman curry paste and the Australian beef creates an irresistible and sensational taste with every bite. This is one flavour combination you won’t want to miss.

Ingredients (for 10 servings)
Australian Beef Chuck or Brisket, 1 kg
Massaman curry paste, 150 g
Coconut milk, 300 ml
Water, 200 ml
Fish sauce, 1 tbsp
Palm sugar, 3 tbsp
Tamarind juice, 30 ml
Potato, 50 g
Carrots, 50 g
Onion, 100 g

Roasted peanuts, 45 g
Frozen puff pastry cup or tart shell (Aro), 1 pack
Puff pastry sheet, 2 sheets

Step 1: Cut the beef into large cubes, season with salt and pepper. Sear and set aside.
Step 2: Add coconut milk and curry paste to the pot. Stir until golden brown. Add fish sauce, palm sugar, and tamarind juice to taste.
Step 3: Add the chopped potatoes, carrots, onions, roasted peanuts, and beef and simmer gently for 2 – 2 ½ hours or until the meat is fork tender. Set aside.
Step 4: Meanwhile, thaw the frozen puff pastry sheet at room temperature and, with a knife, cut out circles to top the individual pies. Also, bake the puff pastry cups or tart shells at 180C for 5 minutes. Set aside.
Step 5: Place approximately 100g of the Massaman beef curry into each pie base (adjust according to your baking tin’s capacity). Cover with smaller puff pastry circles, trim, seal and bake for 5 minutes.
Step 6: Glaze with beaten egg and bake for 15 minutes or until golden.

And there you have it, the ultimate compilation of the finest Aussie beef pie recipes from Thailand’s top pastry chefs under “Aussie Pies It’s Just Better! Campaign”. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to indulge in the delicious flavours of Australia in the comfort of your own home. Find out where to purchase premium quality Australian beef and all the ingredients needed to create these irresistible pie fillings at https://www.thailand.aussiebeefandlamb.com/where-to-buy