The Phuket based sports and health resort is ‘just what the doctor ordered’ for Phuket residents post-lockdown


PHUKET, 27 May 2020: After weeks of government-imposed lockdowns, Phuket residents are now starting to see light at the end of the tunnel with the gradual loosening of restrictions on movement and travel. The collective sigh of relief is palpable, and many are looking forward to getting out again and resuming normal life.

Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort in Phuket, long recognized as Asia’s premier sports training center for athletes from around the world, believes it has everything that couples, families, groups and teams are looking for post-lockdown – a safe place to enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, eat clean food and get active again.

Having now safely reopened, Thanyapura has launched a series of promotions under its new “Social Distancing” campaign, including special offers on sports club membership, wellness treatments, take out dining, personal training and summer kids camps to entice locals back to good health and fitness.

“The lesson that Covid taught us as a society is that nothing is more important than our health,” said Phillip Hardenberg, Thanyapura’s President and CEO. “We need to see this as a wake-up call and begin investing in this for ourselves.”

For residents of Phuket usually spoiled for choice when it comes to sports, dining and entertainment facilities, the government imposed social distancing restrictions have created a new series of challenges when it comes to exercising and dining. Mr. Hardenberg says that Thanyapura strikes a perfect balance for local residents who want a place that offers space and freedom to move around. “The sheer size of the resort and the open-air sports and dining facilities are what set us apart.”

Thanyapura regularly hosts large sports events and the facility can easily accommodate individuals, families, groups and teams looking for ‘healthy escape’ where they can get active again. To prepare for re-opening, Thanyapura has completed a top to bottom deep clean of rooms and common facilities and has implemented guidelines to ensure the health of safety of guests and staff.

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